Who am I?

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Who am I and who are you?

This awkward question is not comfortable to hear and moreover most of us don’t have really an answer to it. But we have the possibility to explain ourselves through certain actions and stories. This is where we will try to begin to tell you our special life story.

We were born (Maja and Lilly) in a small state in Germany, which is located directly on the French border.
There we lived with my mum, our youngest sister Jenny and our four cats.
Our life was always a bit atypical, compared to most of the lives around us.
By the age of 15 and 18 we moved already 20 times. Reasons for these fluctuations were various, sometimes just the need to change the air, sometimes just the wish to improve the circumstances we lived in, but it might be also possible that we have this restlessness in our genes…a “roaming gen”.

Our mothers grandma, Rosa Pilpel, was Jewish and came from Lemberg/ Lviv in Galicia (today East Europe). As a young girl, Rosa, moved to Vienna to start a new life there. But also in the capital of Austria she didn’t want to stay for long, so she packed her stuff and moved to Berlin. After living in Berlin for some years she decided to get married and bought a piano to follow her passion for music. Soon after, in the twenties she moved from there with her Piano and her husband to Bonn. On her way she disguised her identity, she changed her name and her religion, for reasons we probably know all…

Our mother is a professional painter. She grew up in Manila at the Philippines, were she spent her childhood till the age of 16. When we were young, she told us stories from her childhood which, in our imagination, seemed like a beautiful paradise: Jungle, sun, palm trees, poisonous animals and waves which are higher than the swing on the playground close to our house. When she told us her memories, she had that look, a thoughtful look, which seemed as if she became for a moment a part of her memories… And while she sang us lullabies in a odd language, our imagination capabilities grew bigger and bigger.

This is the way we grow up, somewhere between “gefilte fish” and “chicken curry” as Nomads and Wanderers. 

It is probably this mixture of different cultures that has influenced our personality and the creativity as well as the way we see and explore life. This restless pursuit is not only a constant in our live, it also become our greatest inspiration.

Being constantly on the move to make something creative is the most essential for all of us. We explore this ongoing in different forms and ways and we would love to share with you our different experiences, so that we all become united to the most beautiful sources of life – Inspiration and Creativity!


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