Le Ventre de Paris

Le Ventre de Paris (literally The Belly of Paris) “Le Ventre de Paris” is a novel by Emile Zola published in 1873. The work is, metaphorically, referring to our society. The title “Le Ventre de Paris” is a metaphor, referring to the Halles, the enormous […]

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Arborio The act of creating art is based on rules, but nevertheless art find always a new way to break them… Pumpkin risotto (recipe for 4 persons) 700ml Vegetable stock 1 Onion (finely chopped) 1 Clove garlic (finely chopped) 300g Pumpkin (cut into small cubes) […]

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Jenny Rose

JENNY ROSE Jenny is that beautiful girl with the big eyes on the photo … This photo was created by my sister Maja, and it shows exactly the way she’s looking at the world… I love that look because it catches your soul. Her eyes […]

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Rumi mon amour

Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi, mostly known as RUMI (born on 30 September 1207 in Tajikistan), was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, theologian and a Sufi mystic. Rumi’s importance is considered to transcend national and ethnic borders. Iranians, Afghans, Tajiks, Greeks and other Central Asian Muslims have […]

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Autumn leaves

    Autumn leaves « Now I realize that the trees blossom in Spring and bear fruit in Summer without seeking praise; and they drop their leaves in Autumn and become naked in Winter without fearing blame. »(Khalil Gibran) Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) was a Lebanese artist, poet and […]

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The Mighty River

Today I want to introduce you Frédéric Back, the artist who was in love with nature. Frédéric Back, born in Saarbrücken (at the time France, but now Germany) in 1924, was a painter, muralist and director of animated films. His works, especially his amazing cartoons […]

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Arancini and the leftovers

Arancini and the leftovers The Arancini is a culinary specialty from Sicily. Traditionally they are made with the leftovers of the risotto the day before, but using normal rice will be as well! Today, this recipe permits you to use the leftovers in your fridge. […]

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Yâsaman (Or womens temptation) Femininity is defined as psychological and behavioral morphological characters associated with women. They are biologically related to the female sex and strongly influenced or conditioned by the sociocultural environment (thanks Wikipedia). But if you should define femininity subjectively, what would you […]

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Bartolomeo Bimbi

    Bartolomeo Bimbi and his figs… Bartolomeo Bimbi (1648-1723) was an Italian painter of still lifes. Most of his paintings were inspired of flora and fauna. While he got inspired by figs for a painting, we get inspired to make a dessert…because Clafoutis are […]

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Plum Pie

Plum-Hazelnut Pie “I have the simplest tastes in the world – I am always satisfied with the best!!! “ Thanks to Oscar Wilde and have a nice Sunday with our plum pie Plum Pie Recipe for 4-6 people Dough 180g Butter 5g Sugar 5g Salt […]

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