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Maja Gratzfeld

Our life story made me a nomad, a wanderer, who is always looking for an unknown thing.
This unknown thing became a steady partner in my life and I got at some point quite annoyed of it. Today I know that there is no better inspiration for me than this little friend of “unknown”..

I dropped school in the age of 17, in a time I felt lost. I couldn’t find a place in this vagrant life.
So I worked in serval jobs: As a waitress in different cafes, in some clubs as a bartender and as a cleaner. Since the age of 12, I was fascinated by the act of taking pictures. And even while I did these random jobs my camera was always with me. Capturing moments and humans became my passion.
Art is the expression of understanding the beauty in its different forms. It took me a while to find the courage to apply to art schools in Germany and just shortly after I found myself in Dresden at the Academy of Fine Arts, where I studied Image Research and Photography passionately. There I was able to find my own, individual artistic language.
Our life story became my biggest inspiration and therefore after receiving my Diploma, I continued to study in France and Jerusalem. My profession as an artist and the experience abroad, allow me to make lovely contacts. Through these contacts and the support of many beautiful people I was able to expose my art all over the world, such as France, Germany, Israel, UK and Azerbaijan.
Today I know that the profession of art is the only one which makes me happy and thankful. Art gives me shelter, liberty and the feeling of being myself.
This world is wonderful, full of secrets and this beauty gives me the opportunity to express my mind, my thoughts and the way I perceive life.
I work interdisciplinary, to break rules is necessary!
Like a big playground of adventures, I love to conquer and to play with whatever comes.
This attitude creates space for creative thinking, writing and the most important -CREATIONS!
Cultures, books, music, philosophy, talks with sisters and friends, politics and food, inspiration is everywhere and the list of it is ENDLESS.
Be inspired and inspire others is the slogan I wish to share with you!

Have fun and discover!


2006 Studies at the Fine Art Academy in Dresden Germany
2008 Class of Prof. Sery for interdisciplinary and experimental Painting, Fine Art Academy Dresden, Germany
2011 Class of Prof. Ralf Kerbach for Painting and Image Research, Fine Art Academy Dresden, Germany
2011 Diploma
2011/2014 Master Studies in the Master class of Prof. Ralf Kerbach
2011/2012 Class of Brigitte Bauer for Art and Photography at the Ecole superieure des Beaux arts de Nimes, France
2012/2013 Art Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, Israel (Gilad Ratman, Irit Hemmo, Ido Barel, Roee Rosen)


2013/2014 Photography Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, Israel (Gilad Ophir, Rami Maimon, Chen Shapira)


Selected Exhibitions

Shake Hands, Transit and Migrations, a room that…, Hall 14, Center of Contemporary Art, Leipzig (DE)

Untitled,Bezalel Gallery, Jerusalem (IL)

Encounter,Studio 15,Tel Aviv (IL)

Ghost Image,Gallery 09,Netanya (IL)

Hype,International Exhibition of figurative Art, Geh8, Dresden (DE)

Kunststudenten stellen aus, Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn (DE)

Faces of Times, Aluminium,5th Biennale for Contemporary Art, Baku (AZ)

Keine Bilder ohne Liebe, Galerie Eva Poll, Berlin (DE)

1+1=3 Project Caveraic,Caveraic (FR)

Etrange,Gallery Lac Gele,Nimes (FR)


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