Lilly Sophie Gratzfeld

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All I know is, that my life, since my childhood was influenced by art, movement, changes and tasty food. All these influences became the foundation of what I love and what I am today. A creative surrounding, starts with the way you perceive your environment and how you observe life with its fine tones of beauty. The way to create good and beautiful food is a craft, but it also requires an artistic ability. That I chose to work as a pastry chef, in different luxurious restaurants and hotels in Germany and Paris, was actually more a coincidence than the actual plan I had for my life. Always interested in something artistic, I applied at some art schools and made an internship in a Tattoo studio. I have always loved drawing and sculpturing, but life decided differently for me, and so I fell in the magic of sweets and tastes.

Today my job allows me to express myself, to experiment and combine all these things that influenced my life. This combination of craft and arts became my engine and my passion.

Food is an ephemeral art form, which defines itself not only by its temporary character, but also by the identity of its author. It reflects the image of the artist and his message. After working for more than 10 years in different kitchens and pastries, I decided to create a different universe, in which I’m searching for new horizons, discover different playgrounds and to expend the limits to find my own artistic language through flavors and food. This trip, I want to share with you!

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