Jaffa cakes

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Jaffa cakes

Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness ;)  (Theodore Zeldin)

Chocolate biscuit

  • 75g Butter
  • 1g Salt
  • 15g Almond powder
  • 50g Icing sugar
  • 40g Whole egg
  • 13g Cocoa powder
  • 120g Flour

Orange jelly

  • 100g Orange juice
  • 20g Sugar
  •  Pepper
  • 1 Sheet of gelatin

Orange Chocolate Ganache

  • 90g Fluid cream
  • 80g Dark Chocolate 80g
  • 3g Orange zests

Working tools

  • Kitchen aid
  • Rolling Pin
  • Silpat with half-spheres of 2 cm in diameter

To begin, prepare the chocolate biscuit. Knead the butter in the bowl of your mixer, until ointment. Then add all the ingredients in the order as shown above and mix again for a few minutes. Store the dough in refrigerator until using.

Now prepare the Orange chocolate ganache. Heat the cream with the orange zests in a pot until boiling and pour in three steps over the chocolate. Mix and pour the ganache in the half-spheres molds and store in the fridge as well. Continue with orange jelly: Take a pan, pour the orange juice, the sugar and the pepper and heat until boiling. Off the heat, add the gelatin, mix and let jellify in the refrigerator for at last 3 hours.


Roll out the chocolate biscuit to 5mm and detail with a pastry cutter, disks of 3 cm in diameter. If you’ve some leftovers of the dough, keep them and cut them into small cubes, they will serve as decoration.

Bake the biscuit disks at 165°C for 10 or 12 minutes. Then take the chocolate spheres out of the fridge and make a hole in the middle of the dome (use for this a small spoon) and put some orange jelly in the middle. Take two half-spheres and put them together to form a ball. Temper the chocolate and coat the ganache balls with the chocolate. Place the balls immediately on the chocolate biscuit and decorate them with some candied orange zests…

That’s all ;)


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