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Photo and Text Maja Gratzfeld


 A few days ago the UNHCR presented its report in Geneva. The UNHCR is known as the UN Refugee agency for protection and support of Refugees at the request of a government or the UN itself. It tries to assist in voluntary repatriation, local integration or help to resettlement in a third country.

More than 51.2 million refugees are seeking asylum or roaming at this second around the world; walking through the desert, floating in boats over the oceans, or waiting in refugee-camps to their next move. They all wish for a better life. Some died on the way, without identity, invisible, nothing in their hands, just the wish to succeed.

Half of these 51.2 million refugees are children, who lost their parents or got separated from them while fleeing. Most of them are, just right now, by their own without any help.

The reasons of their escape are obvious; Syria, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and plenty of other countries are witnessing wars, crimes and economic and natural disasters.

I think we should be more aware of this ongoing and the struggle they are facing every day. Of course we are limited in what we can do or change for them, but we can give them a warm smile whenever we meet them on the street, we can try to help them if they have random questions in the supermarket, or offer them a small help when they are in need.

For me they are Heroes, all of them, and all their stories are legends which describe the need for a better world.


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