From you I come to you I go

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Video, Photo and Text by Maja Gratzfeld 

“The uniqueness of a work of art is inseparable from its being embedded in the fabric of tradition” – Walter Benjamin

While walking through the streets of the old city in Jerusalem, I saw, felt and inhaled different things. Around every corner I found a different light, a different smell and of course different religious monuments with their different people and traditions. The biggest adventure in this old part of Jerusalem, is the tiny little streets which lead to all the important places that are known all over the world. It seems like I walked in a big labyrinth which doesn’t finish. Even after one and a half years I found new streets and places to explore.

Today Jerusalem is first of all known for the middle eastern conflict. Indeed it is a city with borders to both sides. Located on the Judaean Mountains, it divides Israel from the Palestinian territories, or the opposite. One side is green, with trees and fountains, the other side is the gate to the Judaean Desert. From far you can see the dead see and the beautiful view inside the desert itself.

The city is not political divided, but has its different parts. This division you feel already in the old city. From Jewish shops which are close from Friday evening to Sunday morning, you have the Arabic shops which are mainly open all the week 24/7. As religion runs the daily way of living in this town, I kept looking for the common points in all of these different religions which are all bundled in the city of wisdom.

I can’t deny that living in such a surrounding is from time to time a bit hard, but nevertheless this city is magical to most of the people I met. Probably because of its struggle; It passed from hand to hand and saw different rulers in each of the centuries of its existence. War and destruction, on the one hand, but on the other, hope and enlightenment, which create every day a part of this beautiful character that floats in its streets.

In my experience, this city made me closer to the theme of life itself. From struggle we earn wisdom and from wisdom we create a better understanding of what we are and from what we come or where we might go. Jerusalem on all its parts is a city of traditions. These traditions do not just come from its strong history but it also comes from the humans that live in such circumstances and the way they adapt to it.

We’re all influenced by traditions, it creates the way we receive life. So as, morality, love, and perception towards what we think, see and feel. In this process we become part of everything. We’re part of the people which raised us or raised our forebears. We’re sharing feelings that were shared before us. We gain to be a detail of ambiance or enjoy to be members of groups that don’t exist yet. We are involved in what ever is around, passively or actively, we become a bit of what is called infinity.

This effect teaches us about everybody and everything and moreover it becomes part in every action we take in your daily life and helps us to catch whatever is good for us. All in all, we should be more conscious about our life. Usually we find all what we need right next to us. Either in a good meal, cooked with some good spices out of the old city in Jerusalem, or a nice visit on a rainy afternoon in a good mordern art museum. Be creative and find your own daily achievement….


  1. A touching piece of art that captures exactly the spirit of the old city in Jerusalem.

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