The fisherman and the little fish

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The fisherman and the little fish   (Jean de la Fontaine)

Through every little fish, God willing, Surely, one day, will bigger grow,

Folly it is to let one go, Until he’s fatter for the killing.

Later you well may try, and not be able, To land him when he’s fitter for the table

A fish in hand is worth two in the sea: The one you hold is caught; the others, free


Today a recipe with marinated salmon, perfect for the evenings the upcoming summer

Marinated salmon

  • Fresh salmon fillet *
  • Aquavit (Brandy made from potato)
  • Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Dill
  • Lemon zests
  • Juniper berries

*  Issue from organic farming, it is better in taste and for the environment

Working Tools

  • Stones
  • Kitchen towel

You’ll see it’s really very simple!

Take the salmon and rinse under cold water. Take a tweezers and remove, if necessary, the remaining fish-bones. Then coat the fish with a bit of Aquavit. After coat the salmon with the sea salt, it helps to “cook” your fish. Add the dill, the lemon zest, the pepper, the sugar and the juniper berries (coarsely crushed). Then wrap the fish in plastic film afterwards in a kitchen towel. Tighten it up and drop the salmon in a tray. Put some stones over it and let the salmon for about 24 hours in the refrigerator. Before you serve your fish, I suggest rinsing the salmon, to remove excess of salt.

Now cut small slices, add some fresh herbs and enjoy!!

I say, Nyt maltidet

(Means good appetite in Norwegian ;))

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