Ylang Ylang

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Everyone probably knows this little flower with aphrodisiac properties that is often used in perfumery or for cosmetic products, but can also be used as a flavor in food. The Ylang -Ylang is a tree that grows in humid tropical areas,  usually found in southeast Asia. By a usual distillation process the oil gets extracted from the small yellow flowers. The essence of this flower has a powerful and fruity, floral fragrance with a spicy and exotic note. In asia it is also used in candies, ice cream and drinks. People in Mayotte, add a hint of ylang ylang to one of the most traditional desserts -the crème brûlée- in order to give it a touch of their own identity. And now you can find it in our following recipe…


rice pudding

  • 100g Round Rice
  • 1-2  pieces Vanilla Beans
  • 500g Fresh milk
  • 60g  Sugar

orange compote

  • 3 oranges
  • Sugar
  • Ylang ylang (organic essential oil)*

*You can buy it in a organic store, but it has to be edible!

Well I think most of you have already made a rice pudding, and therefore you know that it requires a lot of love and a little bit of patience. Take a dab of salted butter and melt it in a pan. Then add the rice. Cook it about 4 minutes, fill it up with the milk, the sugar, and some orange zest and last but not least with the vanilla beans. Cook everything over a low heat for about 30 minutes and do not forget to stir the mixture regularly because it can quickly stick and burn at the bottom of the pan. For the sauce, peel the oranges and cut it into pieces. Put all of them in a pan with a little bit of sugar and some orange juice and cook all of it over a low heat. When half of the liquid in the pot is reduced let it cool down. The orange compote is almost done just add one or two drops of this tasteful oil into the mixture, stir it until the aroma is spread all over the orange compote.

Warning: ylang ylang is a oil with a very powerful taste! You need to pay attention to your dosage!!

Now taste a little bit and….. WOOOOW!!!



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