Melba aux fruits du temps - plat 100 ans HPA - Galerie des Gobelins (c) studio des fleurs


Strawberry Melba Today we want to introduce a dessert of a Chef!!! This chef is named Julien, Julien Rives … Julien began his career in 1999 as a pastry apprentice in a small shop in Paris. His passion and determination for the profession and the […]

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The onion soup

The onion soup The onion soup is an old recipe, slightly old-fashioned, but nonetheless really tasty. Today this old lady will be pimped up (Recipe for about 4 people) Onion soup 1l Homemade poultry (or vegetable) stock 12 Big onions 1 Clove of garlic 1 […]

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Crocus and Smilax

     Crocus and Smilax Saffron is present in many cultures, continents and civilizations. It’s known in human culture at least for 5,000 years and it has been used for its many virtues, especially for its medicinal properties. It seems that the saffron comes from […]

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Tzatziki « Simplicity is not a goal, but one arrives at simplicity in spite of oneself, as one approaches the real meaning of things » (Aristotle) And because the simple things in life are often the best, here a recipe super easy and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… Tzatziki and lamb […]

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Snowflake As a child, I was waking up in the morning by the silence of the snow. For me it was unnecessary to see the snow falling, I knew it was there it, I felt it, I breathed it … my heart was jumping for […]

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Hangover soup

Hangover soup Drunk too much last night? Tired? Don’t want to cook? We have the solution… A chicken broth, made with poultry carcasses, fresh vegetables and Risi. The broth helps to restore the potassium salt level in your body. Potassium influences the nerve and muscle […]

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The Ferrero Christmas Log

The Ferrero Christmas Log Garlands and small lights have flooded the streets of our cities. They decorate the sad and wintry fronts of our houses, and give them some warmth during this cold period. Flashing lights crawl up the buildings, trying to blind us. Stars, […]

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Orri « As a child, one has the time for such pastimes as sunlight on water or the weave of the porch screen and the openings and closings of those doors. I wish never to outgrow that leisure. (Emmet Gowin) Orri Jonsson is an Iclandic artist, […]

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