Art or Craft?

AN ARTIST“ is an individual which forms a thought to an art piece. The knowledge and the technique can be seen as a language, which evokes from the source of creativity. 
This source get filled by emotions, feelings, thoughts, reflections and spirituality …
and emerge in different originalities and actions.

Artist and Artisan are both words, which have their origins in the Latin word „ARTIS“ which is translated in English by the word „skill“ or „craft„. Until the seventeenth century the word „ARTISAN“ was synonymous with the word „art“.
In the field of art exits many ways and forms to express creativity, some are expressed through painting or photography and others find their place in the kitchen through tastes and creations. Art is a universal term that manifest itself through an artist …
Poetry and beauty are everywhere; they are the source of our inspiration and feed our daily creative being.
Creativity begins with how we perceive our environment … We want to go beyond our imagination, dare madness and philosophize about inspiration we can find in our everyday life…


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