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King Cake with hazelnuts and goji berries

French hazelnut king cake with goji berries As the legend says, formerly, it was customary to share the King cake into as many parts as dinner guests, and one more. This part, called “part of God”, “hand of the Virgin” or “part of the poor” […]

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Snowflake As a child, I was waking up in the morning by the silence of the snow. For me it was unnecessary to see  the snow falling, I knew it was there, I felt it, I breathed it … my heart was jumping for joy […]

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The Ferrero Christmas Log

The Ferrero Christmas Log Garlands and small lights have flooded the streets of our cities. They decorate the sad and wintry fronts of our houses, and give them some warmth during this cold period. Flashing lights crawl up the buildings, trying to blind us. Stars, […]

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Orri « As a child, one has the time for such pastimes as sunlight on water or the weave of the porch screen and the openings and closings of those doors. I wish never to outgrow that leisure. (Emmet Gowin) Orri Jonsson is an Iclandic artist, […]

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Armer Ritter ( or the German French Toast)

Armer Ritter ( “poor knights”) Armer Ritter, Fotzelschnitten, French toast, Pofese … Each country and each region has its own signification, but it is still the same: delicious and economic! The French toast was considered longtime as a dessert of the poor, but no longer […]

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Le Ventre de Paris

Le Ventre de Paris (literally The Belly of Paris) “Le Ventre de Paris” is a novel by Emile Zola published in 1873. The work is, metaphorically, referring to our society. The title “Le Ventre de Paris” is a metaphor, referring to the Halles, the enormous […]

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The Marquise de Sablé

The Marquise de Sablé The real French shortbreads have their origins in the commune of “Sable-sur-Sarthe”, in the Sarthe department. According to legend, Magdeleine Souvré (or the Marquise de Sablé) introduced them to the court of King Louis XIV, in the 17 century. The biscuits were […]

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Jenny Rose

JENNY ROSE Jenny is that beautiful girl with the big eyes on the photo … This photo was created by my sister Maja, and it shows exactly the way she’s looking at the world… I love that look because it catches your soul. Her eyes […]

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Autumn leaves

    Autumn leaves « Now I realize that the trees blossom in Spring and bear fruit in Summer without seeking praise; and they drop their leaves in Autumn and become naked in Winter without fearing blame. »(Khalil Gibran) Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) was a Lebanese artist, poet and […]

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Yâsaman (Or womens temptation) Femininity is defined as psychological and behavioral morphological characters associated with women. They are biologically related to the female sex and strongly influenced or conditioned by the sociocultural environment (thanks Wikipedia). But if you should define femininity subjectively, what would you […]

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