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Mr. Seguin’s goat

Mr. Seguin’s goat Honey-rosemary ice cream 250g Fluid cream 250g Whole milk 100g Egg yolks 50g Lavender honey 1 sprig Rosemary 50g Sugar Goat cheese cream 80g Goat cheese 20g Liquid Cream Honey Caramelized brick leaves Butter Icing sugar Fresh apricots Pepper Some shoots Working […]

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The observer

“Observation transforms, the observed subject and the observer” Creation begins, first of all, with an observation. The observed subject/object is interpreted by our vision. Vision is not only a simple recording with our eyes, which transmits the image to our brain; It is much more […]

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A little love story

A little love story Maybe you didn’t know, but tomato fell in love with anchovy a long time ago… a love that lasted forever. Even if tomato and anchovy go their own ways … it happens that from time to time their paths cross, for […]

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Arcimboldos Garden

   Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Was probably the first ambassador of Food Art. The Italian artist already played with food in the 16th century… He is the author of numerous portraits suggested by plants, animals or objects artfully arranged. In any case, I am sure that he […]

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Ravioli So, what am I going to tell you about pasta? Well, to be honest… J’ ADORE pasta and I really eat them all the time… Ravioli, spaghetti, fusilli, in salad, with sauce, without sauce, naked, spicy, soft, in a plate or simply in a […]

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The fisherman and the little fish

The fisherman and the little fish   (Jean de la Fontaine) Through every little fish, God willing, Surely, one day, will bigger grow, Folly it is to let one go, Until he’s fatter for the killing. Later you well may try, and not be able, To land him […]

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